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Ultimate Off-Roading Guide for South African Land Rover Owners

South Africa is a paradise for those who love an epic off-road trip, and you don’t get much better than a Land Rover when it comes to the ideal off-road vehicle. 

Land Rovers were made for adventure and if you want to make the most of your time in the great outdoors, whether you are just planning a weekend away or if you are making a proper holiday out of it, knowing how to plan is the best way to make the most of your time in the wilderness. 

In this guide, we’ve put together a selection of tips and other must-know information that you can use to be fully prepared for your time spent exploring. 

The Must-Know Essential Safety Tips

 Not all the tips are about the accessories that you need to have, sometimes the most important information you can have is the basics, especially if you’ve not been off-road much with your Land Rover. 

You can use these safety tips as a helpful starting point:

  • Plan Your Route: Research the trail difficulty, weather conditions, and necessary permits beforehand and let someone know about your itinerary and estimated return time.
  • Travel with a Buddy: Never go off-roading alone. Having a companion ensures help in case of emergencies and it is also a lot more fun.
  • Pack Smart: Bring a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, basic tools, and a recovery kit (more on that later). And don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks.
  • Know Your Limits: Don’t push your vehicle or your own abilities beyond their comfort zones. Turn back if conditions become too challenging.

Land Rover Accessories in South Africa for Any Terrain

There are all sorts of Land Rover accessories for sale in South Africa, and buying the right ones can make all the difference on your off-road journey. Here’s a breakdown of must-haves for various terrains:

  • For All Terrains
    • All-Terrain Tyres: Invest in a set of rugged all-terrain tyres that provide reliable grip on loose gravel, mud, and rocks.
    • Roof Rack: A roof rack can carry additional gear like recovery equipment, spare tyres, or a roof tent for extended adventures.
  • For Sand
    • MaxTrax Recovery Boards: These ingenious boards help you get unstuck from sand traps quickly and efficiently.
    • Deflation Kit: Deflating your tyres slightly increases the contact patch and improves traction in sand. A quality deflation kit makes this process easier and safer.
  • For Rocks and Steep Climbs
    • Winch: A winch can be a lifesaver when tackling steep inclines or extracting your vehicle from challenging situations. Ensure you get a winch with a capacity that exceeds your Land Rover’s weight.
    • Upgraded Suspension: Consider an upgraded suspension system for increased ground clearance and improved articulation, allowing your Land Rover to handle rocky terrain more confidently.

Beginner-Friendly Trails

Ready to hit the dirt? The best place to start is on an easy trail that will allow you to get a feel for off-road driving. You can use these fantastic beginner-friendly trails to test your off-roading skills:

  • Swartberg Pass: This scenic mountain pass in the Western Cape is famous for its views and is a moderate challenge for first-time off-roaders.
  • Golden Gate Highlands National Park: Explore this park’s sandstone cliffs and rolling grasslands in the Free State with designated 4×4 trails suitable for beginners.
  • Addo Elephant National Park: Go on a guided 4×4 safari through this renowned park, spotting elephants, lions, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Helpful Recovery Techniques

Learning basic recovery techniques is essential for any off-road adventure. Here are a few key skills to practice:

  • Vehicle Snatch Straps: Master the proper way to use snatch straps to recover a stuck vehicle. Remember, safety is a priority – never exceed the rated capacity of the straps.
  • Hi-Lift Jack: Learn how to safely use a Hi-Lift jack to change a flat tyre or extract your vehicle from uneven terrain.
  • Winch Operation: If you have a winch, understand its operation and safety protocols before venturing off-road.

With the proper knowledge, essential Land Rover accessories for sale in South Africa, and a healthy dose of caution, you will be ready to conquer any terrain in your Land Rover. Looking for the best selection of accessories? Be sure to have a look at the Traxpa webstore

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Land Rover Accessories in South Africa for Winter Adventures

South Africa might be known for its sunshine, but for some Land Rover owners, winter brings a different kind of adventure – snowy mountain passes and icy roads! 

While your Land Rover is a capable off-road companion, a few key Land Rover accessories in South Africa can significantly enhance its performance and safety in snowy conditions.

Essential Land Rover Accessories in South Africa for Winter Driving

Before you hit the snowy slopes, your Land Rover must be prepped for the challenge. Here are some must-have Land Rover accessories in South Africa:

Winter Tyres – This is the single most important upgrade. Standard tyres struggle in snow, losing traction and increasing stopping distances. Invest in a dedicated set of winter tyres with deeper treads and a softer rubber compound for superior grip on snow and ice. Look for brands offering winter tyres, specifically designed for SUVs, in South African Land Rover accessory stores.

Snow Chains – Not so common in South Africa, but ideal for tackling particularly harsh conditions, snow chains provide an extra layer of traction so long as you get the right size for your Land Rover’s tyre size and practice fitting them before venturing out.

Recovery Gear – Winter driving comes with the potential for getting stuck. A good quality tow rope, traction mats, and a shovel are essential for self-recovery or assisting fellow travellers.

Winter Safety

Beyond essential traction aids, these Land Rover accessories in South Africa can further enhance your winter driving safety:

Heavy-Duty Floor Mats – Slush and snow melt can quickly create a muddy mess inside your Land Rover. Invest in heavy-duty floor mats that trap moisture and dirt, to protect your vehicle’s interior.

Window Visors – These deflect wind and rain, allowing you to keep your windows slightly open for ventilation even in snowy conditions.

High-Beam Auxiliary Lights – Reduced visibility is a major winter driving hazard. Upgraded high-beam auxiliary lights can significantly improve your ability to see the road ahead, especially in low-light conditions.

Pro Tip: When browsing Land Rover accessories in South Africa for winter driving, prioritise visibility and functionality. Look for items with clear installation instructions and ensure they are compatible with your specific Land Rover model.


Staying Warm and Informed

While the above accessories enhance your Land Rover’s capabilities in snow, a few additional items can make your winter journey more comfortable and safe:

Winter Emergency Kit – This should include warm blankets, a first-aid kit, non-perishable snacks, a high-visibility vest, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

Portable Battery Charger – A dead battery in the cold can be a major inconvenience. A portable charger ensures you can jump-start your Land Rover if needed.

Real-Time Traffic Updates – Stay informed about road closures and weather conditions with a reliable GPS navigation system with real-time traffic updates.

At Traxpa, we have one of the biggest varieties of Land Rover accessories in South Africa. You can browse our online shop or contact us today for more information about what we have in stock for your vehicle. 

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The Classic Land Rover Restoration Must-Haves

Land Rover is a name synonymous with adventure, exploration, and unending capability. These legendary vehicles, particularly the early Series models, have captured the hearts of off-road enthusiasts for generations.

Born in the aftermath of World War II, the Land Rover was a farmer’s dream vehicle – a rugged, go-anywhere workhorse built with simplicity and practicality in mind. Early models, like the Series I, were stripped-down machines, lacking creature comforts but boasting incredible off-road prowess. But their boxy aluminium bodies, exposed rivets, and hose-pipe electrics became a hallmark of their utilitarian design.

What is it about these classic Land Rovers that continues to inspire such devotion? 

Perhaps it’s the sense of history – owning a piece of automotive heritage that helped shape the landscape of exploration. Maybe it’s the classic design, a testament to function over form that still looks purposeful today. 

Or perhaps, it’s the sheer satisfaction of reviving a legend, bringing a piece of automotive history back to life.

Whatever the reason might be, when you are restoring a classic Land Rover, you must do it right, and that starts with buying the right Land Rover accessories.

classic land rovers

The Must-Have Classic Land Rover Accessories

  • Genuine vs. Aftermarket Parts: This is a constant debate. While genuine Land Rover parts guarantee perfect fit and function, they can be expensive and hard to find, especially for older models. High-quality aftermarket parts have come a long way, offering a more affordable alternative. The key is to research reputable aftermarket brands known for their compatibility and reliability.
  • Detailed Workshop Manuals: These are your bibles. From routine maintenance to complex engine rebuilds, a dedicated workshop manual will guide you through every step of the restoration process. The Land Rover Owner’s Club and marque-specific forums are excellent resources for acquiring these essential guides.
  • A Reliable Parts Supplier: Having a trusted source for parts is crucial. Look for suppliers specialising in classic Land Rovers, who can offer expert advice and ensure you get the right parts the first time.
  • The Right Tools: You won’t need a machine shop’s worth of equipment, but essential tools like a good set of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, a jack, and jack stands are a must. Specialty tools like rivet guns and panel beaters might be necessary depending on the extent of your restoration.
  • Patience and Passion: Classic Land Rover restoration is a journey, not a destination. There will be unexpected challenges, frustrating moments of rust removal, and the occasional head-scratcher. But for the true Land Rover enthusiast, the satisfaction of bringing a legend back to life makes it all worthwhile.

Restoring a classic Land Rover is about so much more than just replacing parts. 

It’s about preserving a piece of automotive history and breathing new life into a symbol of exploration. So, with the right tools, resources, and a whole lot of passion, you can transform your classic Land Rover into a capable companion, ready to write the next chapter in its off-road legacy.

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This Winter’s Must-Have Land Rover Accessories

The crisp bite of the South African winter air can be invigorating, especially from behind the wheel of a capable Land Rover. But as the days shorten and the mercury dips, even the most intrepid explorer needs to prepare their trusty steed for the season. Here are some essential Land Rover accessories to keep you venturing forth in comfort and confidence:

  • Conquer the elements: South Africa’s winter can be surprisingly wet, at least in the Cape. If you live in that part of the world, now is the time to equip your Land Rover with genuine Land Rover mud flaps to shield the undercarriage from water and debris. At this time of year you can also think about buying a roof rack and a good quality waterproof roof bag for additional storage during those weekend getaways to the Drakensberg Mountains or scenic drives along the Garden Route.
  • Make things extra cosy: For those frosty mornings in the Mpumalanga bushveld, a Land Rover-branded seat cover warmer will have you ensconced in toasty comfort before you’ve even left the driveway. To take that cosy feel to the next level, don’t forget to buy Land Rover floor mats; not only do they protect the interior from the inevitable slush and mud, but they also add a touch of personalised style.
  • Light up the way: Winter brings shorter days and potentially hazardous nighttime driving conditions. Now is the time to upgrade your Land Rover’s headlight bulbs to a set designed specifically for your vehicle’s make and model. This can make a world of difference. You should also consider adding Land Rover fog lights for improved visibility in misty conditions.
TRAX Importers of Quality Land Rover Modification Parts & Accessories, Interior + Exterior parts, Specialising in Defender 2 Parts

Why a Mid-Year Winter Service is Essential

Winter’s harsher conditions can put extra strain on your Land Rover. 

Take advantage of the cooler months to schedule a mid-year service at a Land Rover dealership. Expert technicians can ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, checking everything from fluid levels and tyre pressure to the integrity of vital components like the battery, which can struggle in the cold. This proactive approach can prevent breakdowns and ensure your Land Rover is ready for any winter adventure you throw its way, whether it’s a spontaneous game drive or a challenging off-road expedition.

Why Genuine Accessories Matter

Land Rover engineers their vehicles and accessories to work in perfect harmony. Genuine Land Rover parts are rigorously tested to meet the brand’s exacting standards for quality, durability, and performance. Third-party accessories might seem like a cheaper option initially, but they can compromise your Land Rover’s safety, performance, and warranty. Imagine investing in an aftermarket roof rack that isn’t designed to handle the specific weight distribution of your Land Rover, potentially leading to damage or compromising handling during a manoeuvre on a treacherous mountain road.

If you need something new for your Land Rover, you can shop a wide selection of genuine Land Rover accessories from Traxpa. Our team can also give you great advice about finding the best accessories for your model.

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Finding the Perfect Accessory Outfitter in South Africa

South Africa’s landscapes are as different as they are demanding. 

From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the unforgiving terrains of the Kruger National Park, your Land Rover needs to be as adaptable as you are.

Having a selection of well-chosen accessories for your vehicle can transform it into a true expedition-ready companion, ready to tackle dirt roads as well as potholed city streets. 

With so many companies vying for your attention, you need to know if the one you are considering using will be best suited to your needs. 

So, how do you find the best Land Rover accessory outfitter?

Know Your Needs but also Know Your Rover

The first step is introspection. 

You need to know what your ideal Land Rover looks like. Are you a weekend warrior, itching to conquer off-road trails? Or a business professional seeking a touch of rugged sophistication for the daily commute? 

Understanding your Land Rover’s model and year is equally important. Different generations have varying capabilities and require compatible parts.

Official Channels vs. Independent Expertise

Land Rover dealerships offer a pretty amazing selection of genuine Land Rover accessories, which will guarantee simple integration and warranty coverage. 

However, their offerings might skew towards aesthetics, and as a result, the performance-oriented options might be limited. 

Independent specialists, on the other hand, can be treasure troves for those looking for practical accessories. They often stock a wider array of aftermarket parts, catering to specific off-road disciplines or towing needs. Independent specialists can also be your one-stop shop for such focused customisation. 

However, you must always research the brand’s reputation and after-sales support before committing and only buy from companies that not only sell parts but who have the technical expertise to guide you through the selection process and answer any fitment questions.

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Find an Online Research Tribe

South Africa’s Land Rover community is active online. Forums like the 4×4 Community are a goldmine for user experiences and recommendations for accessory companies. Look for vendors consistently praised for product quality, knowledgeable staff, and efficient fitment services. Online reviews can be a great way to gauge a company’s customer service as well – something to consider especially for complex installations.

Installation Matters

Price is a factor, but don’t be solely swayed by the cheapest option. 

Reputable companies often provide professional installation, ensuring parts are mounted correctly and function optimally. Improper installation can not only compromise your Land Rover’s performance but also void warranties. Imagine investing in a top-of-the-line winch only to have it fail at a critical moment due to faulty installation? Be sure to look for companies with certified fitters who are familiar with the intricacies of your specific Land Rover model. 

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Eco-Friendly Accessories for Environmentally Conscious Land Rover Owners in South Africa

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, Land Rover owners in South Africa are seeking ways to enjoy their off-road adventures while minimising their ecological footprint. 

As a responsible Land Rover enthusiast, choosing accessories that align with eco-friendly practices is a rewarding way to contribute to environmental conservation. In South Africa, where the landscapes are as diverse as the wildlife, it’s important to preserve the beauty of nature for future generations.

TRAX Importers of Quality Land Rover Modification Parts & Accessories, Interior + Exterior parts, Specialising in Defender 2 Parts

Solar-Powered Roof Racks: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Solar-powered roof racks are a game-changer for Land Rover owners who love extended journeys. These innovative racks come equipped with built-in solar panels, allowing you to charge your devices on the go without relying on traditional power sources.

By harnessing the power of the South African sun, these roof racks not only reduce your carbon footprint but also provide a sustainable way to keep your gadgets charged during your off-road expeditions.

Sustainable Materials in Seat Covers: Stylish and Earth-Friendly

Upgrade the interior of your Land Rover with seat covers made from sustainable materials. Opt for accessories crafted from recycled fabrics or organic fibres, not only enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Did You Know? Some seat cover manufacturers utilise eco-friendly dyeing processes, minimising water usage and eliminating harmful chemicals. It’s a small choice that can make a big difference.

Fuel-Efficient Driving: Enhance Performance with Eco-Tuning

Eco-tuning your Land Rover can significantly improve fuel efficiency without compromising performance. Upgrading the engine management system allows for optimised fuel combustion, reducing emissions and saving you money at the pump.

Consider exploring eco-tuning options available for your Land Rover model to enjoy both environmental and economic benefits.

Recycled Material Roof Tents: Eco-Conscious Camping

For Land Rover owners who enjoy the thrill of camping, consider investing in a roof tent made from recycled materials. These tents not only provide a comfortable and elevated sleeping experience but also contribute to the reduction of waste.

Need a Pro Tip? Some manufacturers use materials like recycled PET fabric for their tents, giving a second life to plastic bottles and promoting a circular economy.

Bamboo Interior Accents: Stylish and Sustainable Cabin Upgrades

Elevate the interior aesthetics of your Land Rover with bamboo interior accents. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource known for its strength and durability. Accessories such as dashboard trims and gear shift knobs made from bamboo add a touch of elegance while being environmentally responsible.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo’s regenerative properties make it an ideal choice for sustainable interior design, contributing to the overall eco-friendly theme of your Land Rover.

Visit Our Webstore and buy Land Rover Accessories for Sale in South Africa

Remember, every choice you make as a Land Rover owner can contribute to a greener tomorrow. Join us in driving change and preserving the beauty of South Africa’s landscapes for generations to come. Visit our webstore today to explore the latest in eco-friendly Land Rover accessories.


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Must-Have Land Rover Accessories for a Festive Upgrade

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to treat yourself than by giving your Land Rover a couple of new carefully selected accessories? 

If you’re a passionate Land Rover owner living in South Africa, we’ve curated a list of must-have Land Rover accessories that will not only improve your driving experience but also make your festive season merrier; because what better way to celebrate the holidays than by giving yourself the gift you’ve always wanted. 

  1. Front Runner Roof Rack

Perfect for those who crave adventure, this accessory provides extra cargo space for your gear, making it an ideal companion for road trips and outdoor expeditions. From camping equipment to surfboards, the Front Runner Roof Rack ensures that you’re always prepared for your next adventure.

  1. WeatherTech Floor Liners

Designed to protect against dirt, mud, and spills, these custom-fit liners are a game-changer for maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle. Plus, they are easy to clean, ensuring that your Land Rover’s interior stays in top-notch condition, no matter where your travels take you.

  1. ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

For those who love long drives and off-road adventures, the ARB Portable Fridge Freezer is a must-have accessory. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and warm beverages, because this portable fridge freezer keeps your food and drinks cool on the go, ensuring that you can enjoy a refreshing break wherever your Land Rover takes you.

  1. Land Rover Branded Gear

Show your Land Rover pride with official Land Rover-branded gear. From clothing to accessories, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you opt for a sleek Land Rover cap or a stylish leather keychain, these accessories make for excellent Christmas gifts – either for yourself or fellow Land Rover enthusiasts.

  1. Tuff-Trek Awning

 Whether you’re looking for shade during a picnic or protection from the elements while camping, this awning is a versatile accessory. Easy to install and even easier to use, the Tuff-Trek Awning is a must-have for those who appreciate the great outdoors.

  1. LED Light Bar

Perfect for off-road adventures, this accessory enhances visibility during those nighttime drives. Choose a sleek and durable design that seamlessly integrates with your Land Rover’s aesthetics while providing that extra touch of safety for your nighttime explorations.

This festive season, treat yourself to these Land Rover accessories for sale in South Africa, and transform your Land Rover into the ultimate driving experience. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an off-road enthusiast, or simply love the finer things in life, these accessories are bound to make your Land Rover ownership even more enjoyable.

From the Trax Team, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and an adventurous New Year!

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Preparing Your Land Rover for a Rugged December Summer Holiday

The hot summer holidays beckon, and with the arrival of long hot days comes the promise of endless adventures under the sun and across South Africa’s stunning terrains. 

For Land Rover owners looking to make their vehicles the ultimate summer travel companion, investing in the right accessories is key. Not only do these additions improve functionality, but they can even improve the overall appearance of your Land Rover. 

In this blog, we’ll explore why purchasing the necessary accessories is a must for a comfortable summer holiday and guide you on finding a greater selection at a good price from a reliable Land Rover accessory shop in South Africa. And if you need any new accessories for your Land Rover, remember to contact Traxpa and let our team help you out. 

Comfort on the Road

As you head out on your amazing summer journey, comfort should always come first. With this in mind, you should seriously consider investing in accessories like premium seat covers, the kind that are tailored to fit your Land Rover’s interior perfectly. These covers not only protect your seats from the wear and tear of outdoor activities but they will also provide a more comfortable and cooler seating surface for those hot summer days.

Sun Protection for Your Land Rover

The sun is harsh and so you will need to shield your vehicle from the intense African sun by using custom-fit sunshades. These accessories help maintain a cooler interior, and will protect your dashboard and seats from sun damage. You should look for sunshades that are designed specifically for Land Rovers to ensure a precise fit and optimal coverage.

Adventure-Ready Roof Racks

Planning to carry extra gear for your summer escapades? Having a sturdy and well-designed roof rack is a game-changer. It allows you to transport bicycles, surfboards, or additional luggage securely, freeing up space inside your Land Rover for a more comfortable ride.

Keep it Cool with Window Tinting

South African summers can be scorching, and window tinting is a practical solution for keeping out the worst of the heat. Tinted windows not only provide privacy but they also reduce glare and block harmful UV rays. This accessory contributes to a cooler interior, ensuring a more enjoyable driving experience.

Upgrade Your Land Rover’s Lighting

You can extend your summer adventures into the night with upgraded lighting accessories. LED light bars and spotlights are not only stylish but also greatly improve visibility on those late-night drives. 

TRAX Importers of Quality Land Rover Modification Parts & Accessories, Interior + Exterior parts, Specialising in Defender 2 Parts

Mud Flaps for Off-Road Adventures

If your summer plans involve some thrilling off-road adventures, you should think about equipping your Land Rover with mud flaps. These accessories are made to protect your vehicle’s paintwork and undercarriage from debris, ensuring that your Land Rover looks as good at the end of your adventure as it did at the beginning.

Functional and Stylish Floor Mats

Keep the interior of your Land Rover clean and stylish with custom-fit floor mats. These accessories are designed to trap dirt and moisture, preventing them from damaging your vehicle’s flooring. You should select durable and easy-to-clean materials for a hassle-free summer holiday.

Visit Traxpa’s Online Shop for Exclusive Deals

One of the best ways to buy new accessories is to shop online at Traxpa, a Land Rover accessory shop in South Africa. We have exclusive deals on a wide range of accessories that will provide you with just what you need to turn your Land Rover into the ultimate summer companion with accessories.

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How Land Rover Accessories Can Enhance Vehicle Performance

Land Rovers are more than just vehicles; they are symbols of adventure and resilience. For South African Land Rover owners, these capable machines are more than just a mode of transportation, they are the sort of vehicle that an owner can turn into a hobby and a weekend project, with every new addition transforming the vehicle’s look and performance. 

There is little doubt that a Land Rover is a much beloved and trusted companion when it comes to traversing the diverse terrains of this beautiful country. From the arid deserts to the lush forests and rugged mountains, these vehicles are the perfect option for an adventure. 

To truly make the most of your Land Rover’s potential, there are some ways that you can improve performance using a range of Land Rover specific accessories. 

At Traxpa, we have one of South Africa’s widest ranges of Land Rover accessories and we can give you expert advice about which accessories you need. If your goal right now is to improve the performance of your car, these are the accessories that you can start with. 

TRAX Importers of Quality Land Rover Modification Parts & Accessories, Interior + Exterior parts, Specialising in Defender 2 Parts

Suspension Systems

South Africa offers a vast array of terrains that consist of smooth (but sometimes pot holed) highways to challenging off-road tracks that lead to beautiful destinations. 

Having a high-quality suspension system, like upgraded shock absorbers and springs, can play a big role in managing your Land Rover’s ride comfort and stability. These systems are designed to absorb the rough impacts and vibrations, ensuring that you have a smoother off-road journey and better control as you move over rough terrain.

Tyres and Wheels

Tyre grip is everything, especially when you are off-roading. 

Land Rover owners can easily enhance their vehicle performance by investing in all-terrain or mud-terrain tyres, along with durable alloy wheels. These components are engineered for maximum traction and durability, allowing you to confidently navigate through sandy dunes, rocky trails, and muddy paths.


For those who enjoy tackling the wetlands and river crossings that are challenging even for experienced off-roaders, snorkels are a must. 

Snorkels are designed using sophisticated, advanced engineering to improve wading capability. They will enable your vehicle to cross water obstacles safely, as they position the air intake above roof level, preventing water from entering the engine and causing chaos.

Performance Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system in Land Rovers plays a significant role in engine performance. And when you upgrade the exhaust systems, there will be an immediate improvement in exhaust flow, which in turn enhances horsepower and torque. 

This means more power for conquering steep hills and navigating through demanding landscapes.

Off-Road Lighting

South Africa’s extensive landscapes often include low-light conditions, which can be challenging and even intimidating for off-road enthusiasts.

Advanced LED light bars and spotlights are absolutely ideal for providing that brighter illumination all while drawing minimal power. These lighting accessories are guaranteed to improve visibility and safety, enabling you to explore safely during nighttime adventures.

TRAX Importers of Quality Land Rover Modification Parts & Accessories, Interior + Exterior parts, Specialising in Defender 2 Parts


When you find yourself stuck in mud or a challenging rocky terrain, a winch can be a lifesaver. Winches are designed with powerful motors and durable materials to recover your Land Rover from those unexpected difficult situations. 

They are engineered to withstand extreme conditions.

Bumpers and Skid Plates

Rocky terrains can take a toll on your Land Rover’s undercarriage but the damage can be greatly limited when you have heavy-duty bumpers and skid plates, which are engineered to provide robust protection for vital components, including the engine and transmission. 

This added protection allows you to venture into rocky areas with peace of mind.

Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers

Carrying extra gear and supplies is often a necessity but the right roof racks and cargo carriers, which are engineered to be aerodynamic, while minimising wind resistance and noise, will provide that additional storage space you need without compromising your vehicle’s performance.

Air Filtration Systems

Dusty and sandy conditions can quickly clog up air filters, affecting engine performance. To avoid this from happening, you need an advanced air filtration system designed to filter out fine particles while maintaining optimal airflow. This not only extends engine life but also ensures consistent performance.

GPS and Navigation Systems

And finally, to navigate South Africa’s expansive landscapes safely, advanced GPS and navigation systems are indispensable. These accessories are designed with precision engineering to provide accurate maps and real-time tracking, helping you find your way in remote areas.

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Land Rover Accessories for Everyday Driving in South Africa

When you own a Land Rover in South Africa, the journey with your vehicle extends far beyond the thrill of off-roading adventures. 

Land Rovers are renowned for their robustness, luxurious interiors, and exceptional driving capabilities, all factors which make them ideal companions for everyday driving. 

At Traxpa, we stock a wide range of Land Rover accessories that you can use to improve all areas of your driving experience. Along with stocking everything you need to get enjoy more off-roading adventures, we also have a couple of accessory options that will make your daily driving a pleasure. 

To enhance your Land Rover experience and ensure convenience and safety during your daily journeys, these are some of the top-quality accessories designed specifically for Land Rovers in South Africa. 

CM 03

Parking Sensors 

Navigating tight parking spaces or busy city streets can be challenging, but parking sensors can make it a breeze. These innovative accessories use ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles around your Land Rover, providing audible alerts to help you manoeuvre your large vehicle without bumping it. Whether you’re parallel parking or squeezing into a narrow spot, parking sensors take the stress out of parking, protecting both your vehicle and those around you.

Camera Systems 

Maximise your visibility and minimise blind spots by installing an advanced camera system in your Land Rover. When you are equipped with rear-view cameras and even 360-degree surround-view cameras, these accessories will give you real-time video feeds to help you manoeuvre safely in tight spots and during parking manoeuvres. Rain or shine, day or night, camera systems provide a clear picture of your surroundings, allowing you to navigate South Africa’s roads safely.

Cargo Organisers 

Land Rovers already have plenty of cargo space, but you can expand on this space when you install a cargo organiser for your belongings. Designed specifically for Land Rovers, these accessories offer tailored storage solutions for various items, including groceries, sports equipment, and luggage. From cargo nets and dividers to storage bins and trunk organisers, these accessories ensure that everything stays in place during your daily drives, preventing unnecessary distractions while optimising your vehicle’s interior space.

Child Seat Accessories 

For Land Rover owners with young passengers, child seat accessories are a must-have. Safety and comfort are essential when it comes to transporting children, and these accessories are guaranteed to provide peace of mind. With seat protectors and organisers, sunshades and mirror attachments, child seat accessories ensure that your little ones are secure, entertained, and shielded from harmful UV rays while you focus on the road ahead.

In South Africa, Land Rover ownership offers a unique blend of luxury, performance, and ruggedness, making it the perfect vehicle for everyday driving. 

Not only will having the mentioned accessories make your everyday drives more convenient and secure, but they will also protect your investment and add value to your Land Rover. 

Remember, when it comes to convenience and safety, there’s no compromise. Contact Traxpa today to find out more about our selection of accessories for your Land Rover. 

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South Africa is a paradise for those who love an epic off-road trip, and you don’t get much better than…

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Land Rover Accessories in South Africa for Winter Adventures

South Africa might be known for its sunshine, but for some Land Rover owners, winter brings a different kind of…

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Classic land rover accessories CategoriesAccessories

The Classic Land Rover Restoration Must-Haves

Land Rover is a name synonymous with adventure, exploration, and unending capability. These legendary vehicles, particularly the early Series models,…

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