Essential Off-Road Accessories for Land Rovers

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All Land Rover owners have one thing in common: they love their vehicles. While other car owners probably have a fair amount of love for their cars, nothing quite compares to the attention and commitment to consistently improving the vehicle like that of a Land Rover owner. 

Such exceptional vehicles can always be improved upon, with the right care and a little bit of know-how. With such a huge range of Land Rover 4×4 accessories for sale in South Africa, Land Rover owners have a lot of modification options available, especially for those who are going to be using their vehicles a lot for off-road adventures. 

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The Essential Accessories 

If you are looking at improving your Land Rover by adding some off-road accessories, here’s some things you should think about investing in.

  • Snorkels for improved water wading capability

It might look a little bit stereotypical but wading through a river in your Land Rover does bring with it a certain amount of pleasure. But in order to do this safely, you will need the right accessory, which in this case is a snorkel. The snorkel will protect the vehicle from being flooded and essentially stalling in the water. Snorkels will also give the Land Rover an interesting off-road sort of look. 

  • Bull bars for added protection

Driving off-road requires some additional protection. Although a Land Rover is built to be tough, when taking on a South African dirt road (or urban roads for that matter) having that bull bar can be a necessity for ensuring that your vehicle is damaged head on should you drive into something. 

  • Recovery gear (winches, recovery straps, etc.)

Recovery gear is not necessarily for your vehicle although it can be immensely useful if you end up getting stuck. Recovery gear comes in a range of shapes, sizes and uses, and so it helps to do a little research and to shop around for a good price. You should also take into account the amount of space you are working with, as some Land Rovers might not be able to accommodate all of the recovery gear available. 

  • Skid plates for underbody protection

Going off-road can get a little bit bumpy, especially for the vehicle’s underbody. For this reason it is important to give your vehicle a little bit of extra protection so that if a large rock ends up hitting your vehicle, it won’t do costly damage. 

  • All-terrain tires for enhanced off-road traction

Dirt roads require a little bit of extra traction in order to keep the vehicle on the road. Tires are not exactly an accessory, but they should be on this list because so often they get overlooked. Tires are going to be a costly but immensely worthwhile expense, especially if you intend to take your car on plenty of off-road adventures. 

If you are looking for advice and an excellent collection of Land Rover accessories, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our helpful team will help you out today.