Land Rover Defender Filters

One way to ensure this is by regularly replacing the vehicle’s filters. In this article, we will discuss the various filters in your Defender and their functions. We will also guide you on how to choose the right filters for your vehicle, and where to find them.

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  • AEU2147L


    R192,00 Excluding VAT

    High quality Rover Defender Fuel Filter Tdi 200 and 300



  • ERR3340


    R132,00 Excluding VAT

    High-quality Land Rover 300TDi, Disco 2 All models with V8 petrol engine up to 2002 – Oil Filter



  • ERR6299


    R240,00 Excluding VAT

    High-quality ERR6299  Rotor Filter – Oil Cooler – Td5  Defender – Discovery 2



  • ERR3340


    R240,00 Excluding VAT

    Air filter element with part number ESR2623. For models fitted with the 300Tdi engine.



  • ESR2623


    R108,00 Excluding VAT

    ESR2623 Original Quality Land Rover  300TDI Air Filter Element


  • ESR4686


    R192,00 Excluding VAT

    Fuel filter with part number ESR4686



  • LPX100590


    R105,00 Excluding VAT

    LPX100590 Original Quality Land Rover Oil Filter for TD5 Diesel Engine



  • LR009705


    R564,00 Excluding VAT




  • LR010075

    LR010075 or WJN500025

    R360,00 Excluding VAT

    LR010075 WJN500025  High-quality Land Rover Fuel Filter



  • LR013148


    R121,00 Excluding VAT

    LR013148 Original Quality Oil Filter Element-  Discovery 4 – Range Rover Sport L320/L322 Diesel



  • LR027408


    R108,00 Excluding VAT

    LR027408 Original Quality Land Rover  TD5 Air Filter



  • LR031439


    R142,00 Excluding VAT

    LR031439 Original Quality Oil Filter – Range Rover Sport, Range Rover L322 And Disco 3 Petrol V8



Air Filters: Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

Air filters are responsible for keeping your Land Rover engine clean and running smoothly. These filters are for all models of Land Rover except freelander. A clean air filter prevents debris and dirt from entering the engine, which could damage its components. Over time, air filters become clogged and need replacement. This is especially important if you use your vehicle for off-road adventures, as it tends to accumulate more dirt and debris. It’s recommended that you replace your air filter every 12,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

When choosing an air filter for your Land Rover Defender, it’s essential to consider the type of driving you do. If you drive on paved roads, a standard filter would suffice. However, if you take your Defender off-road, you should opt for a high-performance filter that can handle the extra dirt and debris.

Oil Filters: Keep Your Engine Lubricated

Oil filters are responsible for removing contaminants from your engine oil, which helps to keep the engine lubricated. Over time, the oil filter becomes clogged with dirt, and its efficiency is reduced. A dirty oil filter could cause damage to your engine, and that’s why it’s essential to replace it regularly. We recommend replacing your oil filter during each oil change, which should be done at the recommended service interval.

Fuel Filters: Ensure a Smooth Ride

Fuel filters are responsible for removing contaminants from your Land Rover fuel system, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. Over time, fuel filters become clogged and need replacement. A dirty fuel filter could cause your Defender to stall or lose power while driving. It’s recommended that you replace your fuel filter every 30,000 miles or at the recommended service interval.

Cabin Filters: Breathe Clean Air

Cabin filters are responsible for ensuring that the air you breathe in the Land Rover cabin is clean and free of pollutants. A dirty cabin filter could lead to health problems, such as allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. We recommend replacing your cabin filter every 15,000 miles or at the recommended service interval.

Where to Find the Right Filters

When it comes to finding the right filters for your Land Rover, there are several options available. You can purchase filters from your local auto parts store, a Land Rover dealership, or online. It’s essential to ensure that you’re buying Original Land Rover Filters to ensure the best performance for your vehicle.